Vision and Mission

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope

Our Vision and Mission

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope has adopted a vision to “enhance the community through quality education.” The founders believe this is a beautiful community, with amazing families, that simply need a K-8 educational option to compliment the needs and desires of the residents.

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope has adopted a mission to “Empower all scholars to succeed in college and 21st century careers by providing strategic academics, supporting student needs, engaging family members, building community partnerships, and developing exceptional educators.” The founding team is excited to serve anyone that wants to be involved with the school. It is known that every scholar will not attend college, but the intent is that every scholar can attend college if they want to. Thus, the school chose a mission statement that reflects this desire. Additionally, the founders believe the school will need to serve and lead all stakeholders in order to best serve the children. This is why the mission includes the family, the community, and the staff.

Are You Interested?

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