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What We Offer

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope provides all students with a baseline assessment the first week of school. This initial benchmark will be the basis for measuring growth by the students in the areas of Reading and Math. In addition, students will engage in two additional benchmark tests towards the end of the first semester and the end of the second semester.

Response to Intervention is incorporated within the school to ensure all students are provided differentiated opportunities to master learning objectives.

  • Student Programs (Support Student Needs)
  • Parent Programs (Engage Family Members)
  • Community Programs (Build Community Partnerships)
  • Professional Development (Develop Exceptional Teachers)

Student Programs

The leadership ensures all required student needs are met. However, the school intends to go beyond what is required and offer opportunities for students to engage in additional activities. These include, but are not limited to, introductions to high schools, colleges, spirit weeks, mentoring breakouts, and social events.

Support Student Needs

Parent Programs

There are three specific, routine parent programs that are offered throughout an academic year. Communicating with parents is a weekly requirement. This can take place via email, phone call, or personal visit. Teachers offer two formal parent conferences during the year. Once a year a small team of primary leaders will engage in a home visit, when applicable, to all students in an attempt to develop healthy relationships with family members.

Engage Family Members

Community Programs

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope is a catalyst in enhancing the local community by partnering with social and business leaders. The leadership works exhaustively to develop “Scholars Partners” that support the school and the families through fiscal and resource support. These entities are recognized formally once year at a Community Partner Gala.

Build Community Partnerships

Professional Development

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope places a high value on developing exceptional teachers. The calendar and schedule allow for ample time to engage in a formalized process of development.

Develop Exceptional Teachers


Scholars Academy Sunnyslope Enrollment
Starts In January 2024