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Our Curriculum

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope utilizes and develops a set of curriculum that aligns with Arizona College & Career Ready Standards (“ACCRS”) as well as Core Knowledge (“CK”), the foundational curriculum resources selected and designated by the founding team.  By utilizing the curriculum resources selected to the fullest, we provide students with an exceptionally rigorous and foundational knowledge base on which they will build upon from year to year.  This exhaustive and well-rounded knowledge base, enhanced through the use of innovative technology resources, will serve students well as they rise to meet life’s challenges and succeed in 21st century college and job markets.

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope is confident that by developing and selecting high quality curriculum materials and resources, coupled with effective instructional and assessment practices – we can excel in meeting the academic needs of the students we serve.  The founding team has engaged in a thorough process of evaluating community needs in alignment with the school’s mission.

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We believe that all successful academic outcomes for students start with effective school leadership and stem from effective instructional practices.