Direct, Cooperative, Experiential


Scholars Academy Sunnyslope teachers foster learning using direct instruction, guided practice (cooperative learning), independent practice and experiential learning. These instructional methods are research-based, reliable and proven to enable students to master the learning objectives.

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Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is a teacher-directed approach to teaching that uses large group, small group, and face-to-face instruction by teachers using carefully planned lessons. The teacher sets the state for learning, models the expected outcome by providing clear examples, monitors and engages students with assigned learning tasks, bring the lesson to a conclusion by highlighting what was covered, provide learning tasks that are independent of teacher assistance, and assess student progress.

Cooperative Learning

Students will have opportunities each day to learn and practice 21st century skills to support the mission of Scholars Academy Sunnyslope to “Empower all scholars to succeed in college and 21st century careers by providing strategic academics, supporting student needs, engaging family members, building community partnerships, and developing exceptional educators.” When working together in pairs or small groups, students can develop skills in the following areas: critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation/creativity using technology, teamwork, communication, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution and more.

Experiential Learning

Scholars Academy Sunnyslope will provide well-planned and purposeful extensions to traditional classroom instruction through experiential learning opportunities. Students will have a hands-on, student-directed experiential learning activity within every unique unit of study. This will empower students to use new knowledge and concepts learned in their classroom and practically apply them to task-oriented activities. Some examples of these activities are conducting experiments, building projects, performing jobs, collecting data, engaging community members.

Special Education & English Language Learners

Meeting Your Child's Needs

We believe that a mainstream classroom inclusion model for SPED students is optimal whenever possible; however, homeroom teachers will collaborate closely with contracted Special Education teachers and other service providers to ensure the students’ needs are being met.  All staff will receive training to ensure compliance related to Special Education state and federal laws.


Serving All English Language Learners

In SEI designated classrooms, ELD instruction will take place for four (4) hours daily using the ELP Standards.  ELL students will be grouped in these classes according to grade and/or proficiency level band.  SEI class size for pre-emergent and emergent shall not exceed 23 students; basic and intermediate shall not exceed 25. All SEI classroom teachers will receive training to successfully implement the SEI model, including Discrete Skills Inventory training and Discrete Skills Inventory Teaching Methods Training.

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