Utilizing My Math


Scholars Academy Sunnyslope utilizes My Math throughout all grades. My Math engages students with challenging rigor required by the Arizona State Standards and it encourages kids to think, talk, and write more about learning math. My Math was selected for Scholars Academy in part because of the qualities that align to the Educational Philosophy and it supports the goals of the Arizona College & Career Ready Standards for Mathematics.

In addition to the adopted curriculum, Scholars uses Compass Learning. It is a computer-based educational resource that is designed to identify students’ area of deficiency by individual standard, and it creates activities which are leveled for each student based on quarterly benchmark assessments.  These activities aid students through individualized skill-building aligned to student’s achievement levels for each standard.

My Math and Compass Learning is a good fit for Scholars Academy Sunnyslope because it supports our belief in the effectiveness of experiential learning and the impact that integrating technology in innovative ways has in engaging students throughout math instruction.


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